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 Puerto Morelos, Mexico
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Top Reviews in Puerto Morelos, Mexico:

Buenos Dias Read all 16 full reviews for Buenos Dias

Mz 6 Lote 10 Calle Ciricote X Chichen
Bed and breakfast
Great place for a more authentic Puerto Morelos experience at a reasonable price. The hosts Eva and  ...
For the budget minded traveller, this is an absolute gem. The rooms are basic, but very clean and co ...
We only stayed here one night to transition into "Vidanta....HYPER-MEGA resort" the follow ...

Casitas Kinsol Read all 135 full reviews for Casitas Kinsol

Avenida Joaquim Zetina Gazca
I wanted to stay two days only, and ended staying two weeks. The hostel had very pretty rooms, is qu ...
Casitas Kinsol is a little jungly haven in the heart of the La Colonia area of Puerto Morelos, run b ...
With Casitas Kinsol, Christine & Alain have created such a Special oasis in this welcoming town  ...

Casa del Mar Read 1 full review for Casa del Mar

Calle De Las Palapas
As soon as we arrived there was a strange smell of mold everywhere in the house. Even by opening the ...

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