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 Mombasa, Kenya
 Peniche, Portugal
 Da Lat, Viet Nam
 Dhaka, Bangladesh
 Olympia, Washington
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Top Reviews in Mombasa, Kenya:

Msafiri Cottages Read 1 full review for Msafiri Cottages

Bed and breakfast
I stopped at Msafiri for 3 days on the way from Watamu while travelling toward Tanzania last Decembe ...

The Beach - Bar and Campresort Read all 8 full reviews for The Beach - Bar and Campresort

The Beach Africa - Mtwapa
Hello, the hotel was closed since more than 2 years.  I want to see the money is have sent you bac ...
Whatever you do, DO NOT STAY HERE!!! They convince guests on first arrival to use their safe for val ...
Really enjoyed our stay of a five nights. Unique location! Very nicely constructed and laid-out with ...

New Palm Tree Hotel Read 1 full review for New Palm Tree Hotel

Nkrumah Road ( Formerly Fort Jesus Road)
Bed and breakfast
Rooms were pleasant. Location good. Staff at reception desk were careless on several occasions with  ...

Top Reviews in Peniche, Portugal:

Free Surf School Read 1 full review for Free Surf School
Urb Do Rossio Bloco Sul
A great reference for the good practice of surfing ...

Peniche Beach House Read 1 full review for Peniche Beach House

Av. Monsenhor Bastos
Beach is close however the houses around are not very nice.  Kitchen was very old. Washing machine ...
It would be very helpful if Bed & Breakfast explained how to contact the host of the Peniche Bea ...

Peniche Welcome Hostel Read 1 full review for Peniche Welcome Hostel

Rua Dos Herminios Nº16
Bed and breakfast

Top Reviews in Dhaka, Bangladesh:

Green House Hotel and Tour Read 1 full review for Green House Hotel and Tour

House-10, Road-03, Sector-01, Uttara, Dhaka
its nice hotel ...
Green House Hotel & Tours -Accommodation at a nominal cost and fantastic environment.Nice Hotel. ...

Green House Bed and Breakfast Read 1 full review for Green House Bed and Breakfast

House 6, Road 13,
When I go out side for consultancy I always feel to have more adventurous and   The world becoming ...

Hotel Milina Read 1 full review for Hotel Milina

House 4, Road 9, Sector 6, Uttara
I stayed in Hotel Milina, very new hotel, still few areas are under renovation / construction but ni ...

White House Read 1 full review for White House

Road#48 House#10B Apartment# B2, Gulshan-2
Bed and breakfast
white House bed and breakfast is a nice and clean friendly place for me. I love to stay white House. ...

Top Reviews in Olympia, Washington:

Pampered Wilderness Read 1 full review for Pampered Wilderness
Not Available for 
Online Booking 
12245 Tilley Road South
Bed and breakfast
The room was very clean and nice ,well set up. we enjoyed our stay very much. ...

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